How to do it?

  1. Fill in your identification data and description of your legal problem or request for legal service and your other questions and send it to e-mail address
  2. If assessment of a document is to be a part of legal service, do not forget to attach it to the e-mail
  3. In several hours (usually within 24 hours) an e-mail will be sent to you, in which time necessary for provision of legal service (according to complexity of problem from 1 hour up to 5 working days) and a proposed fee for legal service will be contained. E-mail can also include additional questions related to your legal problem. In conclusion you will find data on method of payment for online legal services
  4. After the fee is paid (the respective amount is credited to the Attorney’s account) your offer becomes binding and the period for provision of legal service commences
  5. Provision of online legal service is completed by sending an e-mail containing your processed request (e.g.: contract, filing, legal analysis etc.) and, if any, answers to your additional questions