Fee and Method of Payment

Fee for legal services is set by the Decree of Ministry of Justice of SR No. 655/2004 Coll. On fee and Compensations of Advocates for Provision of Legal Services (hereinafter referred to as "Decree").

The Decree sets four kind of fees:

  1. Hourly fee.
  2. Lump-sum fee, which might be set as an amount for the provision of legal services within a specified period of time or for complete settlement of the case.
  3. Contingent fee, wich is usually set as a percentage of the value of the case.
  4. Fee Scales, the amount of fee scales is determined according to the value of the case and number of acts of legal services. This fee is set by Decree as following:
Value of the casefee for one act of the legal services
to 165,97 €16,60 €
165,97 € - 663,88 €16,60 € + 1,66 € for every commenced 33,19 € exceeded 165,97 €
663,88 € - 6 638,78 €41,49 € + 9,96 € for every commenced 331,94 € exceeded 663,88 €
6 638,78 € - 33 193,92 €220,74 € + 16,60 € for every commenced 1 659,70 € exceeded 6 638,78 €
above 33 193,92 €486,29 € + 6,64 € for every commenced 3 319,39 € exceeded 33 193,92 €

Exact fee depends on need of client for legal services and an agreement of client and advocate. How the fee for our services will be set, is discussed with the client before assistance is provided. Precise calculation is provided after an inspection of the documentation, enabling us to determine how complicated the matter is.

The fee does not include the expenses efficiently and provably incurred in connection with the provision of legal services, especially legal, administrative and other fees, costs of appraiser's reports, translations, transcripts etc.

In case of an act of legal assistance performed in a location outside the lawyer's office, the lawyer is entitled for a reimbursement of the time loss for the period spent by the journey to the location and back, amounting to 1/24 of the calculation base for each half-hour, even an unfinished one. (calculation base for year 2022 is 1163 €)