Assisted Establishment of a Joint-stock Company (from € 790)

Establishment of a joint-stock company is more complex and expensive process when comparing to a limited liability company.

Actions made by attorney:

  • Elaboration of all necessary foundation documents and documents necessary for a Deed of Foundation
  • Arranging the meeting with notary to sign the Deed of Foundation of a joint-stock company, which must be made in form of a notarial record
  • Filling in a form of application for trade license
  • Filling a motion for registration of the company with the Commercial Register
  • Registration of the company with the respective Revenue Office for income tax

Fees paid by attorney:

  • Court fee for registration of the company with the Commercial Register

Actions made by client:

  • To appear at the notary’s office in time agreed to sign the Deed of Foundation and for the purpose of authentication of signatures
  • To appear at the Trade Licensing Office and fill in the form along with annexes
  • Collection of the Trade License
  • Sending the documents by post to the address of law firm or their personal submission

Fees paid by client:

  • Fee for notary for drawing up the Deed of Foundation and authentication of signatures
  • Administration fees for issuance of Trade License (one business activity – free trade – € 5.00, one business activity – regulated trade or craft trade – € 15.00)

Additional services

  • registration of shares and keeping the list of shareholders in Central Securities Depository of the Slovak Republic (Centrálny depozitár cenných papierov SR a.s.)
  • finding of the registered office for the company by means of our partners
  • opening of an account in bank

If you are interested in additional services, their price will be calculated upon request filed by you

Documents to be signed can be collected personally or can be sent to e-mail specified by you with instructions on how many counterparts of documents are needed and which documents require authenticated signature.