Foundation of Companies

Establishment of the company is a legal act which necessitates to incorporation of a new legal entity. Slovak Theory of Law differentiates between personal companies - General Commercial Partnership, Limited Partnership and capital companies - Limited Liability Company, Joint-Stock Company. Capital companies can be also founded for other than the purpose of conducting business activities if it's not prohibited by virtue of a special act.

The basic differences between above mentioned types of companies consist in the manner of liability of the members of the company for the company's obligations, in binding (or not binding) the incorporation of the company on a duty to make up the registered capital, in structure of company's bodies and also in legal regulation of manner in which the company's members may act on behalf of the company.

In setting up a new company we provide complete legal services that covers:

  • Consultancy in choosing the right form of the company
  • Elaboration of all documents, contracts and others papers requested for incorporation of the company to the Register of Companies
  • Ensuring trade licence or other business licence
  • Ensuring the notarial services
  • Elaboration of petition asking for incorporation of the company
  • Representation of the client in the proceeding of incorporation of the company
  • Other additional services